I’ve been using Linux ( currently Linux Mint ) full time since 2019 July, and it is kinda a love-hate relationship.

Albeit seeing some hardcore fans on Reddit proclaiming that desktop Linux is ready for the mass population, I beg to differ, although I love Linux.

I think desktop Linux at its current state is only suitable for advanced power users ( like people working in the software world ), and undemanding users like a grandmother that only needs to use the web browser. Medium-tier users that need stuff like Photoshop, Microsoft office suite, and want to play games, are actually better off staying on Windows.

Why I moved away from Windows

  • Disrespect of users
    • There were a lot of news on privacy nightmare practices on Windows, like some shady telemetry going on in the background.
    • Compulsory auto-updates. I like to hibernate my computer and it really bothers me when Windows keeps annoying me with timed auto-updates.
    • Bloatware gets reinstalled after auto-updates.
  • I’m a Software Engineer
    • Linux is more convenient for programming
  • Vulnerabilities
    • Windows userbase is huge so malware are more likely to target Windows.

What I like about Linux

  • Terminal as first class citizen
    • Most programs on Linux are terminal programs adhering to the Unix philosophy which is to Do one thing and do it right, One can easily pipe them together to have a custom script to automate whatever you frequently do.
  • Keyboard-driven
    • It is easier to work primarily via keyboard because programs are full of shortcut keys mapped in, with this you can do things a lot faster. Though it is not feasible for me to go without mouse entirely ( I’ve tried working with my mouse unplugged, it is still less convenient for situations like selecting text off a web page ), most of the actions can be done via keyboard shortcuts and this increases productivity a lot.

What I don’t like about Linux

  • Small problems here and there
    • One can easily end up having to do a lot of googling and blindly trying out proposed solutions to get the smallest things to work, it is best to have technical aptitude to maximize the chances of successfully fixing things.
    • This is the primary reason why I don’t recommend medium-tier users to use Linux full-time, you’re not getting the benefit of Linux’s power usage because you’re not doing advanced computing stuff, but you definitely will suffer from this inconvenience, making it not worth it.